On the following pages, we would like to inform you about the background and treatment options for conditions relevant to pediatric neurosurgery.

The Division Pediatric Neurosurgery treats hydrocephalus with a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt or with endoscopic surgery.
Craniosynostosis is a condition in which there is premature fusion of the sutures in the region of the cranial bone. Pediatric Neurosurgery treats the different types of craniosynostosis (sagittal suture, frontal suture, coronal suture) and plagiocephaly.
Information about different types of tumors affecting children and adolescents and our treatment options.
Surgical treatment methods for children with spasticity: selective dorsal rhizotomy and baclofen pump
Spina Bifida
There are various types of spinal malformations which in most cases are the result of a disorder during the development of the spinal cord. The spectrum of different types of spinal malformations ranges from those with no or minimal impairment to severe neurological symptoms.

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